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The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has put huge pressure on doctors and many of you are working Day & Night. So we have brought a Short Cut way for you to Stay updated with COVID related information. Watch this space for Dialy Updates




Updates 1 post covid pts presenting with MUCORMYCOSIS is on rise and we are horribly short of amphotercinB only possible antifungal responding yes very awful situation but we must not loose our efforts 2 Role of steroids is being debated to extreme Though it cannot be denied steroids lowers immunity and hence flaresup the infection but cases of MUCORMYCOSIS are also seen in post covid pts who never received steroid or not a/w any comorbidies like diabetes though cases are very few but that suggest judicious use of steroids since unavoidable to save the crisis and life Simply it is a coincidence of two situations Steroids are in use even before in number of conditions and for months and years but MUCORMYCOSIS not seen Likely covid infection breaking immunity drastically Subject matter of analysis and research

Thanx dr Ashok Leel

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Useful update. Mycormycosis really a worry for govt and more on fraternity, we are caught in mid of corona pandemic. People's health and fitness a problem in india. Excessive use of corticosteroid may be a reason of mycormycosis. Health awareness and education plays a significant role .

Thanks Dr Shivraj Agarwal

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Nice information.. Useful information.. Mucromycosis fungal start... Uploaded case.. Any case of fungal infection black.. Viral infection covid 19 cases.. Calling black fungal mucromycosis.. Uploaded.. Don't depression patients about black fungal mucromycosis .. You can say viral infection... Many people's depression about black fungal mucromycosis... So government please request to not a black fungal mucromycosis it's is a viral infection...

Thanks doctor

Updates 3 yes false confidence is being induced by negative rt pcr and hence carelessness and so reinfection and post covid syndrome complications. Pt need to be counseled and edjucated about it

Thanx dr Ashok Leel

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Welcome new update . Mucormycosis is one more challenge for medical professionals . Post Covid complications for comorbid pt is always there .Care should be always taken by both pt as well Doctors . Steroids are always good in the hands of good professionals .

After Covid now India govt & State govts conscious & allert for Black fungus infections (opportunist & super infection) ie. sequelae of Post Covid. It seems that this is Iatrogenic disease due to excess & unrequired frequent uses of Corticosteroids to save covid pts. Now use of Corticosteroids must be restricted in covid pts and stocks of Amphotericin-B must be sufficient ie. main tt of Blck fungus infections (Mucormycosis).

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An alarming information about negative covid report is not the end of the problem. Also precautions will be taken by doctors during prescription of steroids , a culprit for mucormycosis or black fungus. Thanks for sharing! Useful update!

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