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Updates 1 good we will eagerly waiting for approval and results of trial 2 R factor indication of covid19 infection spread as increasing in kerala and north eastern states of country is a concern 3 Booster dose yet the guidelines to comeup

Thanx dr Rakesh Kayasth (pt)

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Updates it is a good news that mixing of vaccine has been restarted by scientist by conducing trails to mix vaccine which was discarded some weeks ago. Regarding booster dose some developed countries has already initiated and waiting reports of various authorities because 2 doses of vaccine is not getting position and fool proof result. Kerala contributeing 50 % of total cases in india and R - value is rising particularly in Kerala and North East states . In Kerala presently R -factor is rising continuously which will be a alarm for whole country. Speedy vaccination and covid 19 appropriate behavior are the factors to contain which looks imminent . Thanks for sharing updates.

Thanks Dr Shivraj Agarwal

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Nice information.. Useful information.. Expert panel recommend study on mixing vaccine..for children nice.. Covid 19 R value rising steadily in India.. nice.. Do we need a booster doses for covid 19 vaccines.. covid job of vaccination.. approved... Nice information useful information updated thanks doctor..

Thanks doctor Dinesh Gupta

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Yes if yhe disease doesn't stop and if the vaccine is ineffective against new strain than we might be needing additional booster dose for covid. Mix and match will be a new experience,hope so it does well in trails. Kerala has always been the epicenter of various flu and viral diseases,as it has coped up with them one day will get rid of corona also

Nice Daily updates 1-Mixing of Covid 19 vaccine .. cocktail theory is old idea .. Study is required 2-R value is increasing some parts of our country .. Kerala and other States .time of concern and challenge for all 3-Booster dose policy for Covid-19 vaccine .. booster shot is always in discussion ..Now it's time to take action .. booster dose is suggested or not should be clear guideline .

Mixing vaccines :let us see whether good or bad.R value is increasing in India especially in Kerala the most literate state.Booster dose will be definitely required in future if corona persists.

-Expert panel recommends study on mixing Covid vaccines and also on Biological E Covid trials on children -Covid -R value rising steadily in India Kerala has the Highest number of active cases -Experts are having a thought over booster dose policy for Covid vaccines.

Study on mixing vaccines, booster doses in presence of new and new variants, increasing R factor, it seems like a never ending situation, changing the perspective and adding host can help. As we see even those who are fully vaccinated can either produce or get affected with new variants.

Thank you @Md Altaf Hussain , @Dr. Dinesh Gupta


Sir,due to multivarient quality of covid 19 virus, I feel BOOSTER DOSE POLICY -for covid 19 vaccine could be beneficial for the Han Health care

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