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The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has put huge pressure on doctors and many of you are working Day & Night. So we have brought a Short Cut way for you to Stay updated with COVID related information. Watch this space for Dialy Updates



Updates 1 good suggestion to include vaccination in jan aushadhe scheme yes that will make accessible at earliest and at reasonable price 2 anal oxygenation appears to be inhuman procedure and unlikely acceptable in our setups rest depending on feasibility and practical application to get results 3 plasma antibody therapy far from thought hence it is immaterial whether compulsory or optional

Thanx dr Dinesh Gupta

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All vaccination must be free in as per social obligation. Anal oxygenation may be beneficial as to avoid dehydration in adverse conditions rectal enema used to rehydrate . Plasma therapy always under scanner from the beginning therefore ICMR finally accepted that CP in serious Covid case is not giving desired results. Thanks for sharing and updating.

Thanks Dr Dinesh Gupta

Treatment in healthcare has to be more humanly and not create more pain to the already suffering. It is like going back to 200 years old treatments of blood letting and other corporeal punishments given in the name of treatment. It is like giving electric shocks to the mentally ill patients which only adds to their suffering.

Nice update.So plasma therapy gone which is creating so much sensation both in donor and recipients.(public).Anal oxygen may be alternative way if successful in human but has to be validated .


Plasma therapy was alway in debate . Good to know the final decision by experts that No to plasma therapy . Thanks for sharing with us

Noticeable & informative. Vaccines shud be freely available, affordable & accessible to public so that in near future 'Herd Immunity' may develop in community as early as possible. Till date Ivermectin & Plasma therapy dropped from clinical management of COVID-19.

Very good

Why to involve Plasma therapy in protocol without any evidence's. Now dropping it from protocols and saying it is not effective.

Even though providing ventilation via anal route proves to be good. It's not feasible to humen Because Doctors in general are always knows human is just like an instrument of treatment with feelings But Patients might not be Happy Or comfortable with it.

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