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Updates 1 single dose Sputnik-v vaccine may be launched in India as Russian envoy stated. Good news as it will increase confidence and compliance by people 2 slow down in vaccination will be hazardous as we are on brink of 3rd wave that too may be delta variant hence pace of vaccination should be increased and simultaneously manufacturing must keep pace with demand 3 vaccination is only an armour to fight with covid hence no slow down in vaccination

Thanx dr Md Altaf Hussain

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Updates Sputnik V light single dose vaccine is good news because more people's get vaccinated. 3 wave of COVID pandemic is a reality we are to face very soon because a large section of our population could not taking covid 19 precautions seriously and slow pace of immunization and variant of virus and so many other factors. Death rate is increasing day by day and serious complications of post covid Infection are also on rise. No one is there to research the serious complications and permant physical mental social and financial scars of recovered pts.

Thanks Dr Shivraj Agarwal

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One day Good daily updates . 1- Launching of Sputnik V Light vaccine is good new but number of vaccines should be increased . 2-3r wave of Covid 19 pandamic knocking the door as we are keeping our door open knowingly as we are laging behind in Vaccination as well as we are still not behaving as Covid appropriate behaviour and following government guidelines . 3-Death rate is increasing . Alarm for all .

Nice updates:Hearing about sputnik vaccines for so long but it is yet to come. 3rd wave is real but only Indians perhaps believe that it is unreal.Vaccination has to be increased in no to make 3rd wave unreal.

Nice information.. Useful information.. Uploaded.. thanks doctor...

Thanks doctor

All vaccines may be are granted emergency use only if I am not wrong. Wave pattern progress due to lack of abiding of the covid appropriate behaviour. As clear statistics will be shared by the states some rise in CFR is bound to be seen.

Thank you @Dr. Dinesh Gupta


Launch of single dose Sputnik light vaccine in india is soon expected. The rate of vaccination has decreased and also 45% of daily infections are reported. 40 crore Covid vaccine doses so far provided to states while fatality rate has increased.

Corona awareness has to be again taken care of

Russian Vaccine Sputnik is the Only Single dose Now Can light Covid Vaccine in India. FATALITY RATE WAS RISE IN INDIA THANKS For Share...

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