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Updates 1 upswing of delta variant cases in USA and by passing the antibodies induced by Pfizer's vaccine. It is a cause to worry and a concern for authorities 2nd wave is lingering as after some decline since last two days number of cases started rising. And variant seen is delta. 3rd dose is needed as Pfizer clarifies and said after 3rd dose antibodies titre was found many folds this suggest studies are not yet completed and schedule and and actual results are still far away

Thanx dr Md Altaf Hussain

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Nice information.. Useful information.. Delta variants is Covid 19 steroids says experts US sees uptick in cases.. 2nd Covid 19 wave lingering or early signs of 3rd wave... Prizer biotechnology covid 19 vaccine required 3rd doses... Nice information uploaded... Thanks

Daily updates of today once again nice one 1-Delta variant is due to steroids ? as in US CDC in dominant variant in US is Delta variant in 3rd wave as more than half cases . 2- Pfizer BioNTech vaccine for Covid-19 needed 3rd dose for better immunity and antibody response .I think Covishield vaccine also have the same pattern .Need booster dose or 3 rd dose . 3-2nd wave of Covid 19 pandamic in India is lingering and it may conveted in 3rd wave .As we have open all the lockdown term and public again behaving carelessly and not accepting Covid 19 as a risk .False and firm belief of safety .

Nice updates: new cases decline became static in approx 10 days ,is it lingering 2nd wave or early sign of 3rd wave? So we must not to remove our guard and remain vigilant, lockdown should be eased carefully.

THERE'S 3rd Wave of COVID-19 Variant of Delta Plus virus , Pfizer Good Vaccine Against Delta Plus Variant ,but not for Coronary Infection , They antibodies Develop But Also Help for Maintaining pH level .


Nice updates about COVID -19 delta variant. Thanks for sharing useful information Sir

Thanks Md Altaf Husain

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Nice post uncertainty about Disease

Nice updates on COVID-19 pandemic......continue next......thanks

nice information, thanks.

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