Covid / Intermittent/ Sannipataja jwara

Good morning doctor's. I had a patient who has similar symptoms of Corona viral fever.. Test showed negative But this is the line of treatment I have adopted please check out and give your feedback. It's been 3 days and symptoms are slowing down and patient is active now, no more fatigue weakness Viral fever  : Oil pulling -Take 1 tsp of sesame or coconut oil in mouth , Do not drink ,swish in the mouth for 2-3 mins and spit it off  followed by warm water rinse This can be done once or twice a day Gargle with salt water +turmeric 2-3 / day Steam inhalation with Pudina + Ajwain+ tulasi 3-4 / day Have a glass of turmeric tea with out adding Milk Or Drink herbal tea / decoction made of Tulsi ,dalchini , kalimirch ,sunti and munnaka   twice a day . add jaggery or fresh lemon juice if needed Take 1 tsp of Rasayana every morning Use Nasal drops - Anutaila Drink lots of fluids Don't consume anything which is too cold or too hot Eat only freshly prepared food Have herbal teas or ginger teas Medicines - • Chandanadi lauha 3 a day / after food M . A. N •Sarvajwara hara lauha -3/ times after food M.A.N •  Swarna Malani  Ras  2 tabs /after food M N with sitopaladi churna or honey ●Maha Mrityunjaya ras. MA N 3 tabs/ after food Guduchi + pippali choorna + honey 1 tsp  ( or Samshamani vati) M A N  before food All these medicines should be taken before or after 30 mins intake of food. Check out on this



Good Job Doctor @Sameera Madanmohan.D ji Wonderful line of treatment.... All the best And Be Careful about such case, Patient may be False Negative?

Thank you doctor @Hemant Adhikari . I did understand that all negative cases aren't negative.. because patient still has symptoms.. Taking precautionary measures doctor

Keep it

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