Covid with persistent fever for 19 days

53 yr male known case of type 2 dm controlled status on tab glimcor 2mg with continuous low grade fever(99.2 to 100.4 F) without chills since 20 november no other complaint watsoever.detected covid rtpcr positive on 26th november in home quarantine SpO2 98%.investigations-- Crp, d dimer, ferritin levels done twice are normal. hrct chest done on 5th dec shows Ct score-- 1/25 very mild disease.cbc, urine routine, widal, dengue, mp dot all are negative. patient was managed acc to mild disease covid with antibiotics azithromycin, cefpodoxime.No steroids No favipravir given as all markers were and are normal again. Now patient still having persistent fever with no other complaint.what should be further management/investigations?




Consider remdesivir as per protocol. Also evaluate for other associated secondary infection like PTB. Usually after antiviral therapy fever subside. See for clinical improvement.

But remdesivir should be considered within first 11 days of fever due to covid. isn't it?

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I'm some patient fever may persist for long time give tab mefta 250 bd

acc to your experience till what time have you seen patients persisting fever?

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