Cow 3 month pregnant swelling at brisket region , difficulty in breathing.Temp.102f,anorexia. plz advise



Almost case of TRP suggest to keep animal in sloppy platform. Elevet fore limb atlest one feet higher than hind foreign body drowback and bound to abscess at thorex wall. > Bijora( jangali limbu__ a big size lemon family fruit). aveleble at veg market. > INJ CEFTRIAXONE 5 days. >Don't underestimate Theileria? Go for lab diagnosis.

*Trumetic Reticular Pericarditis. *Go for ferroscopy for confirmative diagnosis. *Blood smear found neutrofilia *Continuos damage by metal leads to odemation swelling at brisket.

In field condition,where is possible such only possible at vet.collages and certain town also. in bokaro,dhanbad hasn't any such that bomboo test for T.R.P.& umbrella test for mastitis and other such test if you know that suggest to our colleagues. That's o.k.Dr.Joshi.Thanks.

If not TRP it may be Hepatic or heart involment. Then try Nilzan 90 ml with Inj. Dicrysticin 5 gmsOD, Inj Isoflud 5mlOd, Inj. Belamyl 10ml OD, Doseliv 50ml bd

May be a case of TRP.So that hot application to form abscess in a particular area(if not towards heart) then surgical removal of nail.

Rule out foreign body by pinching withers or bamboo test

TRP suspected confirmed by metal detector and DLC

If u can hang a magnet of 2kg sideways of brisket

May be it TRP Go for feroscopy for diagnosis It may be positive it remove by surgical method

First test of TRP and and oesphagatits and then treated accordingly sir

Is there is positive venous stasis sir?

Yes, prominent jugular pulsation in advance cases.
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