rabies suspected

Cow 8month pregnant last 8 day,tremp 105.7 ,not feeding but normal water drinking main complain of owner is bellowing sever ,blood smear negative haemoprotozoa, congested m.m.,normal foetus position plz give dignosis berenil,cefterixon,OTC,Artison-S,Analgin give




Malignant hyperthermia... Recent research at GADVASU has seen good effect of iodised oil for improvement in the condition. For this Rx.... A Single Inj. I-Fer H (5ml) containing 750 mg of elemental iodine is given SC for 3 days along with antipyretics. Additionally bathe the animal twice a day and provide ad-lib drinking water

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Give Ice fomentation TDSfor3days Washing with normal waterbid Injj Melonex 10ml i/m Inj Mox 3g in divided doses for 3days with DNS i/v


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