Cracked tooth syndrome is one the most challenging condition to diagnose, nevertheless, multiple diagnostic techniques have been used including: 1-Dental history: Multiple restorations was done on the tooth 2-Clinical examination: It requires direct visual inspection, thus removal of restoration is necessary (under RD for better visualization) 3-Periodontal probing: If isolated pocket was detected (poor prognosis) 4-Dye test: With long exposure (2-5 days) thus placement of temporary restoration is required making the tooth more susceptible to crack propagation 5-Bite test: To bite on various items including toothpick, cotton roll and rubber abrasive wheel 6-Vitality test: Teeth are usually vital but hypersensitive to thermal stimuli 7-Radiograph: However, MD fracture line are not seen clearly 8-Transillumination: In which cracks will not transmit light, however it may overestimate the extent of a crack than the actual dimensions of it. In addition, subtle color changes will be indistinguishable, thus use of magnification is a must 9-Microscopic detection: Range of magnification should be from 14x-18x You can read the full article here!po=24.1935




Thank you for such an informative article. It certainly is very useful. I would kindly like to ask: In your opinion, should cracked teeth undergo RCT or would it depend on the depth of the crack & clinical symptoms?

You are welcome doc, it depends on the depth of the crack. If the crack involves the pulp then it would need RCT. However, if the crack extends beneath the bone then it will render the tooth as hopeless and the managment would be in such cases extraction and implant placement.

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Very useful information Dr. Rawan . What's really helpful and would guide you directly to Fracture/Cracked tooth Dx is the chief complaint of the patient .. Consider symptoms like " Pain upon releasing the bite " ( Disocclusion ) usually this indicates a tooth fracture .

Yes you are absolutely right, didn't mention it up in the list but it is mentioned in the article. Thank you for your input.

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