homeopath hanged to death

Crippen, Harvy Hawley 1862 -1910 A homeopathic physician hanged to death! Crippen was asuccessfully practicing homeopathy in USA. He specilized in Ear and Eye diseases. In addition he was a good pharmacist, having made several Good formula with homeopathic medicine. Specially in cosmetics. For better prospect he and his wife emigrated to Britan. He was very successful pharmacist and rose to fame. At work he fell in love with a lady. Both,Crippen and his lady friend murdered Crippen's wife and buried her under their bed room. At the neighborhood Crippen,before murdering his wife made a story that, his wife's parents are sick at USA. After murdering his wife he created a story,that his wife has gone to USA to visit her sick parents. The neighbors believed this. After few days Crippen and his girl friend took a ship to Canada. Over the ship Crippen introduced his mistress as his brother, by dressing her as male. They were not mingling with anyone in the ship and the I'll fitting male dress on his mistress created doubt. A ship's priest went to Crippen's room in the ship and saw numerous female dresses and he informed the Captain,who sent a message to Britain. From Britain, a TELEGRAM was sent to Canada and the police arrested Crippen when he landed at harbour and later sentenced him to death in London. Crippen's case is the FIRST case in which a TELEGRAM was sent to arrest a person. Ps: Had Crippen gone to USA instead to Canada he would not been hanged! Infact, let free. As the crime was not made in USA. ××××

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Yes,Dr Pramanick. Dr Crippen, if not arrested while landing at harbor at Canada, would have been free. He was arrested before landing on Canadian soil and brought back to Britain, so he was hanged

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