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Cronic calcefic pancreatitis Suggest preventive treatment

55yr male patient Chief Complaints Pain in right upper abdomen Recurance of pain History Diabetic patient since 15 year Physical Examination Tenderness Investigations Usg finding - hepatic hemangioma Cronic calacific pancreatitis



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Virechan caf mounting maha acid ok

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Virechan caf mounting maha acid ok

Vathapy cap 2b.d. + amylcure ds cap 1 b.d. Active Antacid 10ml tds before meal Neem 1+giloy 1+Tulsi 1 b.d. +awala wheatgrass juice 20ml b.d. before 2hours of meal Rich fiberdiet of salad,fruits

Pain suger ok ho jatti h

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