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Why evey body prefer to use mother tinctures ? " Action is immediate...can satisfy a patient by the lab:results... but not long lasting...offering any CURE at all." Mother tinctures yields Drug level action only. More physiological action than dynamic Ref : Aph No:31 followed by Aph No : 213 ( Psychic involvement when a disease originates..... importantance symptoms of mind and disposition before employing medicine are mentioned ) So it is clear that homoeopathy believes in psychosomatic treatment. Every medicine has three levels of action ie Physiological , Mental & Emotionl. High potency medicines ( only ) acts in mental & emotional levels. ( Application of Hering's law relevant in these levels ). Hypertension. Diabetes type -2, PCOS, Thyroid disorder, BPH and the like are included as psychosomatic diseases.

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Homoeopathy mother tincture is curative it treats cause ( internal malady or the unbalanced energy ) and not the expression ( diagnostic symptoms specific to the disease ) of the disease the symptoms are only used as an indication to select the right mother tincture for the individual it treats the person as a whole and not his individual body parts homoeopathy takes in to account the expression of an illness characteristic to the individual & a curative mother tincture chosen on the basis given a gentle & permanent cure at the earliest.

@Dr. Praveen Saini sir, please read Organon again and again to understand every sentence as Master Hahnemann has been known for writing long sentences which need to be partitioned in fragments as per English grammar and understanding each small fragment and than collectively forming any ideas or conclusions.

Im my experience.. A proper case has to be taken and then a remedy needs to be selected.. But in clinical practice there are many mother tinctures that have been proved efficient in many cases for example... Avena sativa, berberis vulgais, berberis aquifolium, ashoka, gossipium , sabal serulata etc....

@Drdivya Bijalwan Where in Organon is it mentioned that MT are curative as per the definition of CURE?

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For therapeutic and cured effect remedy must be potantise and post avogardo number is our ORGANON says

Theoretically mother tinctures are palliative. In some cases I have seen in clinical practice these are curative, like for gaining weight Avena Q helped, in hypertension rauvolfia Q is curative etc.

According to organon mother tinctures are not curative these are substantial doses which only paliate the case

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CONSTITUTIONAL and INTERCURRENT are curative but mt sometimes act as a adjuvants

Sir @Dr. Harish Modi , do they produce aggravations or affect the vital force in a harmful manner as MT are not dynamic?

No in a therapeutic doses

Master hanemann cured all cases in dynamic power ,not believe in mother tinctures.crude form in material form always palliative.

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Thank you doctor


Mother Tinctures are the equivalent to crude drug substances. And therefore not curative.@Dr. Hiral Maliwad

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