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Curofy updated! Segregated answers from allopathy and alternative medicine to discourage cross pathy discussions - Video and GIF support in posts - Protect privacy of features using edit image functionality while posting - Upload high quality images in posts Do you agree with the changes made in crosspathy discussion ?



Sorry I don't agree.. Sometimes it is possible that allopathic doctors have in depth knowledge of Ayurvedic too.. Video and GIF support in posts is a very good idea. I agree with this

Mam as you said allopathic doctors can have deep knowledge of Ayurveda the same way an ayurvedic doctor can have deep knowledge of allopathy too.

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My views are, it is a good decision to have allopathic based medicine discussions, which will be more focused. Similarly, alternative medicine discussions will have similar module and will curb crosspathy and quack practice. The sharing of videos in the discussion is a long awaited request, which we all have been discussing about.

sorry sir bt does only alternative drs do d crosspathy?? a large no.of allopathic drs. prescribe 'herbal medicines..

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I myself and my colleagues have taken help from Alternative systems to manage cases on many occasions. It does'nt matter who claims the credit as long as the patient is benefitted. Moreover if Ayirvedic or Unani or Homeo drugs are offered under Allopathic doctor's supervision we can take care tosee that fangerous drugs like metals sulphur are not administered. Many times you see a case of kidney failure after using mercury or suicidal depression after certain herbals. Moreover when Alternative practitioners offer their openion we also come to know which drugs are used by them. We can request them to mention the names of active ingredients in their presriptions

Their is nothing like cross pathy pt must get relief doctor has to have sound knowledge of pathy he is prescribing

Agree for video and GIF support in posts but not for segregation Thanks and regards .

good idea.


Thank you all for taking part in the discussion.

yes agree


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