cxr of middle age female pt,having c/o drycough,chest pain for last 15 days pallor found cbc 14000 neutrophils 88 lymho 8 please comment about diagnosis line of treat



xrc is suggestive of rlz consolidation c-a cavity inside broad spectrum abs including against anaerobes do sputum for afb

Rt LZ necrotizing pneumonia..... rule out HIV, Diabetes and other immuno compromised status.... look for oral hygiene..... and what about consciousness level.... It may be anaerobe, TB to be rule out,

x ray s/o right lower zone pneumonitis...rule out first tuberculosis and HIV. HRCT thorax...then if sputum afb negative... go for bronchoscopy and BAL...

sir is there thick wall cavity in lower zone ? if yes what can be it

thanks a lot sir for giving valuable comments i will send follow up progress

lung abscess with sorr xonsolidation rt ll. focal pneumonitis lt ll

thanks all of u sir

ok sir thanks pt is seronegative

thank u all

Bilateral lower zone consolidation with air bronchogram, cavitating lesion with air fluid levels in Rt lower zone- lung abscess. Necrotising pneumonia.

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