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Cystocele case

A cystocele – also known as a prolapsed, herniated, dropped ,or fallen urinary bladder. This is a case of prolapse of bladder grade 3 seeking homoeopathic intervention. With correct similimum and exercises, good results were seen within few months. A female patient, Mrs ABC , 38 years old, G3P3 women married at age of 17 years , with a 15 – year history of increasing bladder dysfunction and a 15- years history of exteriorized vaginal and bladder prolapse. She stated that the exteriorized portion is quite large, and on examination it was found to be a 3 Grade Cystocele [fig.1] , she also complaints of transparent discharge per vagina whcuh causes itching. She also complaints of urge urinary incontinence for years after delivery. She voids 7 to 8 times per day and voids with a normal flow.Her flatulence in epigastrium region for 16-17 year with no constipation and obstructive defecation, she is sexually active and complaints of Bearing down sensation of bladder, < Sitting squatting position, < After eating, especially during flatulence in abdomen, Discomfort, Dyspareunia , Incontinence of urine and mild stress incontinence. PHYSICAL GENERALS :- APPETITE - Normal (2meals /day) DESIRE – Not specific AVERSION – Milk , Nauseatic feelings smell of food PERSPIRATION – Profuse in axilla STOOL – No constipation, no obstructive defecation URINE – Frequency ++ , Frequent UTI THERMALS – HOT MENSES – 2-3 days Menses , 28 days cycle, dark in colour, Transparent discharge per vagina which causes itching. SEXUAL HISTORY – Tubectomy since 16 year MENTALS :- Suppresed anger Indifference to love one Fear of alone Weeping easily Sensitive Brooding nature Anxiety about health VITAL DATA :- TEMPERATURE- 98 °F PULSE -80/min BLOOD PRESSURE – 120/80 mmHg RESPIRATORY RATE – 18/ min Pre treatment At the end of treatment , cystocele was not visible on examination [fig.2], with disappearance of all clinical symptoms.


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Clear cut indication towards the sepia...sepia 200 (2) dose ...for 2 days thn SL 4 pills 10 days thn ask for follow up

Thank you doctor

Congratulation. Your case presentation is helpful to us. Sepia is indicating. Is it your prescription ?

Sepia will be helpful.

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Constitutional treatment may be helpful

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Dr Ranjit Kumar Poriya Homeopathy Sepia 200 , Up To 1.m. is Best Mam. Ml

Badhai doctor your good selection of remedy and treatment nice job thanks

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Rx Sepia.

Good job mam'm

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Sepia /200 of, calendula/echinacea/Q for vaginal wash

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Pulsetila-30 and ustigo-30 and gynecological opinion

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