Mouth ulcer

52 year female complain white patches on mucusa of lft and right side of buccal mucus membrane. she is not a tobacco chewer and not any bad habbit. ad kenacort oral gel 0.1% and lycopene with multivitamin cap after 15 days their is no better result. plz identify this case and suggest me for better treatment

From this clinical picture I would suggest to look for keratosis w.r.t right and left buccal mucosa and take proper history of presenting illness from the patient. After that biopsy should be done and wait for histopathological examination. Untill check for the etiological factor. D/D :-1.Frictional Keratosis 2.Oral Lichen Planus 3.Oral Candidiasis Rx:- 1.Soft & Bland Diet 2.Complete Oral Prophylaxis 3.Kenacort 0.1% paste application 2-3 times/daily. 4.Antioxidants
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Leukoplekia with periodentitis I feel he is tobacco chewer Rx tab azithromycin 250mg 1od Placentrax gel locally Dentist opinion for local treatment Multivitamins supplements Tab lycored 2000units 1bd Keep followup
No sir she is not a tobacco chewer

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If no improvement with given medicine then biopsy test should be done .meanwhile give curcumin twice daily for 15 days &side by side do not take any spicies food.antifungal locally applied twice daily
Thnks sir Plzz suggest which antifungal should be applied locally..
Dd -leucoplakia, chronic gingivitis & chronic tobacco ,gutca&panhabit .antioxident, localamlexanox application & antiseptic mouth wash for gargle
Thnx sir
D/d- leukoplakia. Adv-oral prophylaxis, trioplast gel, cap Lycomax, habit counselling.
Thank you doctor
Leukoplakia With ulcer Ad biopsy for diagnosis
Thank you doctor
mouth ulcer will be ok with the constant use of giloy in any form with mulethi for many months all other necessary pittashamak chikitsa may be continued.
Localised periodontitis with ulcer T/t amoxicillin clav.625mg bd Tab metro 400 bd Tab m/v Gum paint massage 5 days
Mouth ulcer with gingivitis Dental staining T/t tab b folcin plus bd Zytee gel Tab Droxyl 500 bd
What is the symtoms n medical history of pt ?
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