NOSODES nosodes are homeopathic preparations of organic material derived from inactivated disease products, cultures of micro organisms (e.g. bacteria, fungi and viruses) or parasites, infected or pathologically changed material or decomposition products from humans or animals, after pontentisation it will converted into medicinal form... CLINICALLY WHEN TO USE.... * WHEN WE HAVE TO OPEN UP THE CASE (or else said any arror occur in to finding out in the simmilimum) or else you can say in first prescription ....(i will say in which, conditions occurs as like bellow.. if your formed totality have a lack of totality..if u can't complet your LSMC formate, bt if dz is chronic n at that time if u can't findout the simillimum at that time... u can continue ur line of treatment with any indicated nosode..n it will works well... if too much symptoms is there if complet symptoms is not there so called one sided dz... than u can use the nosode for the start of the treatment... here is some examples... for openup the case ----when pt came with the complain of obesity... n she says... my weight is start to increase after delivery.. n pt is obese according to your observations thn nosode will be indicated... ----when pt says ...when we were together at that everything is okk bt after brecking our relationship... the problems start... than we can think about nosodes ----when pt comes to you n you observe...that the pt hv a co-factors like bad effects , A/F : thn u can think about nosodes... ** if any pt hv a reccurent grandular affection or any condition which has been reoccur continuesly...at that time for to cut down the dendency to reoccur...the nosode may indicate.... * AS A PROFILECTIC IT CAN WORKS * IN INCURABLE DZ if pt came with the complain of cancer , he or she has 3rd stage cancer than for the stop the pathological progress or relieve the S/S we hv to give nosodes like MELANDRIUM... to stop the progress of the pathology or cancerous condition ... * IN SECOND PRESCRIPTION i will give you here a condition.... many times we had.. all ready prescribed the nosodes bt even though it will fails to work at half of the line of treatment ...at that time u hv to give another nosode it will works well... ex : psorinum fails to works n according to totality we used to give tub...thn it will helps to start the actions of psorinum... it's actiong getting worth... for the case.... * AS A INTERCURRENT REMEDY ( when simmingly indicated remedy fails to act ) if any pt comes to me with the complain of skin dz n according to the presenting totality i used to give sulphur 30 .right, sulphur works nicely...so thn, i had to increase the dose ... for some days ,medicine works well... bt after that medicinal actions getting stop...at that time we hv to give nosode.. which helps into to the start of the actions of the medicine which i had been given before... this... * COMPLIMENTARY MEDICINE if any pt have a reccurent tonsils.... n according to presenting totality i use to give belladonna or any other remedy at that time medicine worked well... after some days it's actions get to stop...so i had to give another remedy according to the totality... bt that also not worked well ... at that time, TUB (nosode) if i will give... thn it will helps into start the action of belladonna... n the case will run nicely... * WHEN AFTER CONSTITUTIONAL REMEDY WORKED WELL or (WIND UP THE CASE) if constitutional remedy works well in any pt n if pt is completly cured (cure as a whole) than for to cut down the tendency, to reoccu,r the same dz ..we should give the nosodes... NOTE : in section of nosodes.... pt's past history n family history... is must... to know... abt wht... here is some examples if past history of dm, cancer like something thn Carcinosin gonorrhoea : medo syphilis : syphilinum TB : tuberculinum pneumonia : bacci etc.... ..

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