Edema of Lower Extremities

A Male Patient Age 40 Non-Diabetic & Non Alcoholic Having Pain And Edema Of Lower Extremities. With Chief Complain Of Stomach Ache. What Can Be Ddx Of Lower limb Edema & Redness With Patient Having History Of Hepatosplenomegaly !!! Some Attachment Of Lab Test -



It requires more history like age, gender, alcoholic history and any other comorbidies.? All above investigation concern normal liver function with fatty hepatomegaly with out splenomegaly.. So it's must be incidental finding. Unilataral lower limb edema with redness with out raised inflammatory markers (normal WBC) rule out venous incompetence with doppler study and thyroid profile If it's bilateral and painful hepatomegaly rule out cardiac causes..
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Unilateral oedema with redness of lower limb in a pt of fatty liver with hepatomegaly Go for colour doppler study and r/o DVT
Thanx dr Karunakar T
Fibro scan of liver
Rule out DVT
I agree
Check MF and, LFT, chest XR for cardiomegaly, proper case taking is enough for diagnosis
Due tu anemia B/L leg swelling DD- cellulitis Adv. Inves. about KFT
Due to anemia b/L leg swelling DD cellulitis
Thank you doctor

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