45y/o gutkha & tobacco chewer male having these type of white lesion inside the cheek since 1 week. c/o : burning sensation ++ no pain Non diabetic & normotensive Dx & Rx ???


Leukoplakia immediate biopsy required to rule of dysplastic changes.. .put patient on tertinoin 0.05% oral base cream Tid cessation of all deleterious habits high % age of oral antioxidant administration.....further may require cold knife surgery or laser under antibiotics coverage,.
Gutka, a combination of arecanut, slaked lime, along with tobacco, is virtually poison. Promoted as a mouth freshener, this mixture is a combination of 4,000 chemicals of which at least 40 are carcinogenic compounds and is considered mor harmful than other forms of tobacco.. Differential diagnosis: Leukoplakia (most probably ) Oral submucous fibrosis Lichen planus ( rare ) Treatment: Biopsy is required to exclude dysplasia or early malignant change. Treat candidal infection and iron deficiency if present. Topical chemotherapeuticagents such as bleomycin can be used or Treatment with systemic or topical retinoids can also be tried. Thank you sir
Yes dr sadique this is submucosal fibrosis/leukoplakia. Yes biopsy is ncessary to rule out malignancy.but on seeing pict it looks smf with early manifestation .well i will treat this case with advise to abscond and drop all types of addiction and bad habits. I will give lycopene 4000units twice daily for 6months.i shell also ask him to apply placentrax gel in diluted strength with kenacort 1%+inj placentrax im for 1month on a/d or b/w i do give multivitamin as well.if results are poor you can combine terintoin with placentrax gel
Leukoplakia. Take a biopsy from the lesion to rule out malignancy Associated SMF D/D - oral candidiasis Lichen planus Keratosis If biopsy is normal, a close observation is required for 3- 6 months. If patient stops further tobacco and gutka chewing the leukoplakia may resolve . If biopsy reveals malignancy, excision is required
Leukoplakia , quit tobacco chewing , treat with kenakort n chlorohexidine gel , thrice daily antioxidant n antifungal tab od it will relief some extend.
D/D Leukoplakia,oral lichen planus,osmf, Biopsy should be done
Leucoplakia, urgent biopsy needed... Avoid all addictions
D/d Leukoplakia , oral submucos fibrosis
Extensive Soft tissue infection To r/o DM. Sharp tooth, Some time this is result of tooth root abcess To confirm the diagnosis adv OPG Rx To improve ODH by dental caring & Betadine gargle Multivitamin with lycopene Cexime oflaxacine 400 od *10days Tropical laxonox + orni gel bid
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