33yr old male suffering from SICKLE CELL ANAEMIA ,today came to my clinic having severe bodyache, no other complaints. Actually,he used to come to my clinic , i always get enlarged liver with yellowness of eyes. today's LFT and CBC is attched. what measures should i go for?? i only treated him symptomatically with iv fluid so that he maintain the hydration . Now,i m planning for iv antibiotics ... so question is should i go or hospitalized the patient???


Admit sickle cell anemia organ damage with jt pain common inherited disease hb low leucocytosis admit under haematogy dept life expectancy is 42 to47 yr
Thank you doctor
Yes should be hospitalised As pt will need BT Severely anaemic and hemolytic jaundice should be treated by hematoglogist
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Mostly patient is in SICKLE CELL CRISIS with hamolytic jaundice and thr trigger factor for crisis is INFECTION. Significant ulter LFT LEUCOCYTOSIS Severe anemia This patient is to be admited to hospital for this episode as well as for definative management. Family screening is adviced.
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SICKLE cell crisis ,due to infection Needs hospitalization Red Cell transfusion, Antibiotics.are needed . Hematologists may consider using hydroxyurea Stem cell transplantation, splenectomy may be considered in selected cases . Screening of closest relatives for Sickle cell trait .
Off course This type of cases must be admited in Hospital, because Sickle case develop emergency any time sir
Bony crisis of sickle cell disease.