Vaginal dryness

A menopausal female complaining of vaginal dryness and irritation since a week, she was advised antifungal treatment which was of no benefit. Kindly advise

Senile vaginitis (Atrophic vaginitis) Advise,; Hormone Replacement therapy (Premarin tablets ) Dinosterol cream locally, vitaminE suppositories prebiotics,
Thank you doctor

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Put her on evalon or premarin cream for local application. Oral HRT can be started if she is willing for the same. Otherwise start with Menosan tab 1 bd.
Apply oestrogen cream Qurse kushtay Sadaf 2 tab two times a day
Atrophic vaginitis.local oestrogen cream,oral HRT.
Senile vaginitis Ad oestrogen ointment locally
Thank you doctor