How to manage case of erectile dysfunction, patient age 30yrs.

How to perform Kegel exercise, in case of erectile dysfunction.

There may be psychological and physical causes to be managed. Among psychological factors deal with stress and relationship strain. Among physical causes high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high sugar and metabolic syndromes are to be treated. Regular exercises, eating healthful diet, avoid alcohol and cigarettes. Avoid anabolic steroids. Keep tabs on testosterone . Home remedies include red ginseng, L- arginine
To manage E D in 30 yrs male First of all assess the condition by local examination and r/o any local pathology Than systemic factors like hypertension diabetes hypothyroidism Come to psychological factors which is 90% in youngesters assess his requirements Right from pdef-i like tadafil in combination with antidepressants Assess testosterone and suppliment Penile compressions and vibrators are available can be used Local inj in penis as well as intraurethral infiltration are also used This there are numerous ways to treat
Edited Yes kegel exercises are do advised to strenthen the pelvic floor and perineum to toneup as well as to increase circulation to penile corposum
There are two major underlying causes of ED.. . Psychological..& * Systemic.. Advised PDEF & Anti stress like sublingual Clonezepam.. * Check Testesterone and B12 level. So far Kegal excercise is concerned it does workwith reference to pelvic floor strengthening and boost penile bloid flow.
Erectile dysfunction Some common medicines are phala ghrita mustadi quatha madan taila medicines which contain-aamalaki,haritaki and heerak bhasma abhyanga,anuvasan basti,snehan rasayana,vajikaran and treatment similar to kshataksheena. these are has to be treated accordingly.
I think kegel's exercise has no beneficial effect in case of erectile dysfunction

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