54 / Female , feels difficulty in breathing while, after or before starts having meal,dx and rx?

History is sketchy. Kindly elaborate. Before and after meals, means everytime.
Sir,she starts difficulty in breathing ,in between, before or after taking meal or any attampt for drinking water...she can't even swallow and speak a word during the episode,she has to struggles too much for each and every breath during the episode..it resolves spontaneously but slowly..I want to upload the video but I am not able to do that..

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may be esophageal carcinoma or achalasia cardia histopathology need to done
GORD and anxiety disorder are commonest reason.
Valuable opinion
Please help I have shared the video also
Work up for CA oesophagus...
Thank you for your valuable suggestion sir,she doesn't have any gi problems during normal spells... this kind of episode occurs once in month or two.