Management of migrane acute attack and prophylaxis?

Acute migraneous attack Inj paracetamol im Orally tab suminat 50mg 1stat if needed repeat one more after 3hours not more than 2 tabs in a day for 3days Tab grenil 1tds for 3days Tab propanolol sr 60mg 1od Tab stemetil 5mg 1tds for 3 days Tab sibelium 10mg 1od at bedtime Maintain pt on sibelium
Thanx dr Vipin Bihari Jain

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Medicine for acute attack includes 1. Painkillers like acetaminophen, ibuprofen, 2. Ergotamines like Migranil, cafergot 3.Triptans like Relpax etc 4. Antinausea drug eg gravol,reglan, phenergan 5.Opoids eg Oxycontin Triggers are to be avoided in prophylaxis
Tablet indiral 20 mg bd tablet dol 650 sos keep the pt in dark room dont watch tv mobile and take camplet rest
Inj sumatryptan sc inj voveran im Or 100 ml in normal saline migranil 1 tds ciplar40mg bd sibilium10mg hs
Inj sumatryptan 6 mg tab50 mg bd maximum 200 mg
Tab Flunarazine Tab Propranalol During acute attack NSAIDS

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