Does this need surgery?

A 32 year old male, fall off the ladder and complaints of pain in the leg. N/V intact. How would you describe the fracture? What are other interpretations of the x-ray? Does this need surgery? What type of construct do you want to use?

Fracture at lower end of Fibula. A forceful impact, such as landing after a high jump or any impact to the outer aspect of the leg, can cause a fracture. Even rolling or spraining an ankle puts stress on the fibula bone, which can lead to a fracture.
*Right side Displaced lateral malleolus fracture with hairline fracture of medial malleolus. For best treatment options, orthopedic opinion required.
# lower end fibula Usually fibula does not need fixation reduction and cast is sufficient But in this case displaced # need pressure screw fixation
Thanx dr Mittakola Praveen
The general process for healing a fibula fracture is immobilization with a splint or cast for several weeks, after which you might get a walking boot to help you walk. Recovery time depends on factors such as: the severity of the injury and the presence of any other injury at the same time.
Fracure, lower end of fibula. Lateral malleolar fracture .+ fracture , medial malleolus = Bimalleolar fracture This causes unstable ankle. Surgical fixation is needed in this young patient.
Fracture fibula lower 1/3 Fracture medial malleolus undisplaced This could be treated by closed reduction and pop cast for 6to 8 weeks.
Undisplaced medial malleolus fracture Malleolar screw will suffice Lateral malleolus need a plate No syndesmosis disruption
Fractures of lower ends of both bones Need cast with complete rest to part no weight bearing nailing can be done
I think no need go go for surgery. It looks like closed fracture so. Other wise take opinion from Orthopedic.
Fracture at lower end of fibula

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