injure 1 week back not taken proper treatment how it's nanage now


debridement followed by c&d with hydrogen peroxide, betadine and dressing with t bact and metrogyl ointments...advice daily dressing. orally u can treat with augmentin and Emanzen D so that inflammation and infection ll settle
proper dressing after cleaning with betadiene and h2o2.give A moxicilline with clavunic acid 625 mg thrice daily and linozolid 600 mg thrice daily for 5 days. regular dressing required.send the pus for C/s.
Secondary healing will take place..antibiotic.. dressings.. Vit C..And go for xray and bsl
rule out diabetes... do dressing... it will heal... mild antibiotics...
granuloma pyogenicum! needs to be excised and possibly a littler flap
debridement of dead part..pressure dressing and antibiotics.
Excise the granulation & suture
sutures done sir

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Rule out diabetes.
The injury on the thumb shows that is an infected wound. Patient should be given inj. T.T. Daily dressing to be done for few days under antibiotic cover, secondary suturing to be done after a week. since the nature and severity of the injury is not mentioned Xray thumb can be done to ruleout fracture of the phalanx.
is patient diabetic ? if no then see injured site capillary filling is good or no. if good go for I & D .use broad spectrum antibiotic.
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