Respected Vaidyas, An important aspect of "Dinacharya" I.e. PRATIMARSHA NASYAM is very useful for all of us to keep away from " Supraclavicular diseases" ( URDHAJATRU GATA VIKARAS ). Let us discuss about its practical aspects briefly. 1. It is one type of Snehan Nasya ( use of Chatu Sneha I.e. Ghrita, Tailam, Vasa, Majja ) 2. The dose of Sneha is minimal I.e. 2 drops in each Nostril. ( Dwi Vinduka - A.H. Su 20 / 29 ) 3. It can be used daily that's why naming is as such I.e. PRATI - Daily. 4. Kala ( Time of Administration ) ( A.H. Su 20/ 28 - 29 ) 15 times are described- Nisha Anta - Early morning ( Brahma Muhurta ) Aha Anta - End of Day ( Evening ) Bhukta - After taking food Banta -- After Vamana Karma Aha Swapna ( Divaswapna ) - After day sleep Adhwa - After long walking Shrama - After doing hard physical or mental work Retasam - After Copulation Shirobhyanga - After head massaage .Gandusha - After Oil pulling treatments in mouth Prasrava - After Urination Anjana - After application. of Kajjala ( Collyrium) Varchasam - After defecation of stool Danta Kasthasya - After Danta Dhabana ( Brushing ) Hasa Sya - After Laugh 5. Benefits of Pratimarsha Nasya ( acc. to Administration time ) ( A.H. Su - 20/ 29 ) A. Srota Suddhi ( Clearance of Channels ) Time of Administration - Nishanta, Aha Anta, Bhukta, Banta, Aha Swapna Ante ( Early morning , Evening, After food, After Emesis, After day sleep ) B. Klama Nasha (For relaxation after hard work) Time of Administration - Adhwa Anta, Shrama Anta, Retasam Anta ( After long walking, Hard work, Copulation ) C. Drig Balam ( For increasing eyesight ) Time of Administration - Shiro-Abhyanga,Gandusha, Prasrava, Anjana, Varchasam Ante ( After head massaage, Oil pulling , Urination, Application of Kajal - Kohl , Defecation ) D. Danta Dadhyakara ( for stronger teeth ) Time of Administration - After Tooth Brushing E. Marut Shama ( For mitigation of excess Vata in body ) Time of Administration - After Laughing during Group conversations. N.B. - A huge no. of patient's with eye sight problems came near to us, so we can prescribe them with Pratimarsha Nasya by Anu Tailam during the Times described in point - C above. 6. Indications - Age - Birth to Death " Aajanma Maranam Shastha Pratimarsha Stu " ( A.H.Su - 20/ 32) Diseases - A.H. Su 20 /26) ** Ura Kshata - Injury in Chest region ** Kshama - Krushata - Lean and Thin ** Balaka ( Child) Bruddha ( Old ) ** Sukhatma ( Sukumar ) ( Luxurious life ) ** Akala - There is no time restriction or seasonal restriction for Pratimarsha Nasya ( even applicable in Rainy season ) 7. Contraindications -( A.H. Su 20/ 26-27 ) Common cold - Pratishyaya After drinking Alcohol or for a Alcoholic Diseases of Ears Krimi Dushita Shira Roga ( Head lices etc ) Conditions where Doshas are more aggravated ( Utkrusta Dosha ) or Diverted from its place ( Utklishta Dosha ) 8. Amongst 4 types of Sneha dravyas( Oil, Ghee, Fat, Marrow ), Oil ( Tailam ) is the most preferable due to more actions over Kapha Dosha ( as " Shirasah Shlesma Dhama " ) 9. Best medicated Oil used for Nasyam - ANU TAILAM 10. Pratimarsha Nasyam is the most safest form of Nasya Therapy and continued for life long. Hope , this article is useful for all and the procedure is practised and advised by all due to numerous benefits.



OK.I' all try..As I'm only having OP now,prathimarsha is usually prescribed.. in needed cases..But even then it is found to b very useful.. Anuthaila is usually prescribed as sirashodhana drug...We can adopt dhanwantharam 101 avarthy in kevalavathika cases and ksheerabala 101 avarthy is preferred in vatapitta vyadhis The exact dosage for prathimarsha is usually 2 drops on both nostrils but some variants are also heard .. I usually prefer early morning just after brushing for kaphotklishta cases.For vata predominant cases evening time is preferred.
Nice Experience Ma'am.
Nicely elaborated Sir, it may be useful even in khalitya and palitya also, in dental caries, increasing refractive error. There may be different medicines used for nasya for different diseases e.g. yastimadhu taila or shatavari ghrut for Hairfall. I think one more article for medicine and their indications regarding nasya needed.
Obviously Sir accepting your invitation for another article regarding Different Nasya medicines and their indications. I have emphasized here what classics say..and It's importance in Dinacharya @Dr. Abhijeet Raut Sir.

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Good topic sir.. agr pratimarsh nasya lerha h koi to allergy k jitne bhi prblm h wo nhi hote.. Have seen results in diff patients like Allergies, anxieties, headach,insomnea etc its v usefull. Tnx for sharing detail sir... We can use til tail in winter or shitkala..and in summer. Coconut oil iz good..
We have so many experiences regarding the benefits of Nasya Ma'am, thank you very much for sharing your experience. The choice of Tailam acc. To availability , purity and Seasonal Dosha Changes.

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Nice post sir. As suggested by all above please post case in details @Dr. Niranjan Ram sir
Sure Sir, On next posts , I must add an article of details of Nasya Karma in very lucid manner.

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Nice Update Once again @Dr. Niranjan Ram sir
Sir,. Everyone interested in a detail topic on Nasya. Please collaborate @Dr. Hemant Adhikari Sir

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@Dr.A.K.Srivastava. Nice and informative post.
Prathimarsha is a noteworthy topic and of course very trustworthy in clinical aspect.Its easy application and effective nature makes it popular like nithyabhyanga.Further its indications and ' Ajanmamarana sastha' team makes it quite effective tool too. In my personal experience it is quite effective in dushtapratisyaya ,poothinasya, kaphaja sirashoola,chronic sinusitis etc.Further in apabahuka, also prathimarsa nasya is found to b very effective. For shodhana purpose anuthailam,is mostly used..We can change the drug according to our yukthy.
It will be really helpful if you share your clinical experience of nasya in different vyadhi (oil or ghrut, administration time, indications),Thanks.

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ऊधर्रवगत रोगों में नस्य चिकित्सा दृवारा योगों का सुन्दर चिकित्सा वरणन है। सारा जीवन नस्य दव्वारा ही प्राण शक्ति ( आक्सिजन ) ग्रहण की जाती है।ईशवर कि रचना देखें तो शुधि के लिऐ नाक में बालों की ऊत्पती की है। फिर भी दोष काल से बनी व्याधि के लिऐ वरणीत योग ही समर्मथ है।शेयर करने का अति धन्यवाद @डा.निरंजन राम जी।
It shows the imp of dincharya. Nasya therapy gives 100% result. Diagnose the case perfectly and suggest it . Nice elaborated post.
Very nice and Elaborated, Weldescribed article on Pratimarsha Nasya.. Thank you for Sharing.
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