Can Asthma be cured by Alternative medicine?

age- 26 yrs sex- male c/o- breathlessness since 2 years K/c/o Asthma on medication aggravation- exertion, playing, dust, moist weather, change of weather amelioration- rest generals- appetite, thirst- decreased desire- sweets aversion- sour things urine- normal stool- normal thermals- chilly He is weak, lean thin mentally he is slow in learning things, average student, wants to play but could not irritable Suggest Rx for this complaint doctors Can we cure the Asthma?


Nat. Sulph is the remedy working grt in asthma . Ther is also aggravation in moist weather. Can start with 30 potency repeated doses ... Or N.s 12x will also work best for him .
Dear Dr. Meenakshi Bisht ma'am, Advice for the case. Tab. Swas kuthar ras 1 tds. Kanakasav 10 ml + Abhayarisht 10 ml mixed with water after meal. Vasavleh 1 tsp tid.
Yes it curable
My opn/ per Ayurvedic rules first of all mut confirm the Dosh as ptn. Is suffering either watt,pitt or Kaph Verdi or many times right med can be harmful as if Rogi keeps pitt verdhi,than pitt verdhi med will be harmful to the ptn. So in this light any suggested med by our respectively doc will be usefull. So many times I have checque "Chyavanprash" use for any type of respiratory desease,but not fit for every ptn.So why I try to suggest my opn.Dr. @Meenakshi Bisht ma'm.
Yes, Ayurveda have solution for Asthma In Ayurveda you can advise for Kasa Kuthar Rasa Vasa Avaleha Sanjeevni Vati Khadiradi Vati Kanakasava Talisadi Churna + Madhu
For palliative purpose you can give ARS But for cure try to find cause what before starting the diseases how it started Need anamneses of complaint
Asthma aggravation in moist weather indicate sycotic miasm and hydrogenoed Constitution. Chilly, week Slow in learning I suggest Baryta carb
Shwas Kuthar Rasa Talisadi Churna Trikatu Churna Vasavleha Kanakasava Vasarishta Gau Ghrita Nasya daily These Medicines are helpful.
Swaskuthar Ras 2tab BD Maharasnadi jwath 10ml BD Mahavatvidhwansan Ras 2tab BD Dashmoolarist 15ml TDS with water Chyawanprash 5gm bd
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