Polylipoma meteses

27 Yr male suffering from polylipoma metasese from last 4 years and continously incresed with time what's the best treatment plan except surgery

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Multiple lipomas are seen Lipometosis Rx nothing Adv excisional biopsy one out of them
Thanx dr Musthafa kiomars
Most probably this are neurofibromas..take family history...rule out other occult sites...if its neurofibromatosis.. best is to leave it unless its disfiguring as no treatment exist till now.However just for your information recently FDA has approved a drug k/a selumatenib..for NF.
Familial multilipomstosis D/ D multiple Neurofibroma FNAC Excision biopsy.
Neurofibromatosis/ Lepromatous lipoma / Tubercular
Simply restrict oilly food n adv exercise heavy
Multiple Lipomas are seen
Adv. FNAC test
Only surgery