Top Performers of Quick Brains Quiz

Congratulations to top performers of quick brains quiz Thanks all for participation Stay tuned for next quiz on 26th April 2020.



Congratulations Dr. Vidisha M Dr. Akhilesh Rohilla Dr. Shishir Kumar Dr. Ambarish Joshi Dr. Mithra Mithu Dr. Umesh Chahar Dr. Rajesh Mohanty Dr. Nitin Saluja Dr. Haidar Ali Dr. Majid Mustafa Sheikh
@wants to know how u select top 10 performer ; I solved each Sunday .Last Sunday I tried two to three time each time am getting another rank ; it's amazing ; most of time I solved 5 questions correctly but ever am not in list
Dear Doctor the top 10 performers are selected on the basis of most correct answers in the shortest time. A user can attempt a quiz only once. Top 10 performers are only those users who attempts quiz on the same day when the quiz is live as the answers are visible after 24 hours. The top 10 performers name displayed here are selected randomly & are not on the basis of ranks.

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आप सभी चिकित्सकों को बधाई दी जाती है।
Congratulations to All the winners.
Congratulations to all winners.

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