72 year female, history of bleeding PV P/S cervix inflamed. cervical pap smear

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Atrophic Menopausal Smear in the back ground of Senile vaginitis With ASC. H Further confirm by cx biopsy and Endometrial Biopsy
Atrophic smear with inflammation. Some metaplastic type of cells seen. Advise colposcopy and biopsy
Atrophic menopausal smear ASC-H Senile cervicitis - Clinical evaluation and biopsy for needful.
Atrophic, inflammatory smear with ASCUS.
Atrophic menopausal smear Atrophic atypia/ASC H Senile cervicitis Candidiasis Sug. Cx bx Endometrial bx
Atrophic smear. ASC H. biopsy sugg .