F/37y... Black pigmentation over neck and elbow ×10 yrs.. No pain burning or itch ... Increase in sunlight exposure.. Dx.Rx ?

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Detoxification through virechan can be highly beneficial in this case. The. Start aloe noni cap along with arogya verdhini vati with the anupan of gomutra or mahamanjisthadi kwath. Also haridra khand can be beneficial.
This is hypopigmentation (melenosis) Use antioxidants and Care with sunexposure
Kashore gugglu2 bd Sarivaasav 20 ml bd
It may be due to ama and Pitta Rakta dushti.... Advice for Panchakarma Shodhan Chikitsa followed by Rakta Shodhan Ama Pachan Chikitsa..... @Dr. Dharodia Ashvin sir what you have advised in this patient?
Pt. had come to me with viral fever .I hv treated fever nd this thing was seen to me I hv also taken history of skin this problem If the pt will will to treat it then will.
1. Mahathikthakam kwatham tab-- 2 bd B/F 2.Kaisora guggulu 1 bd B/F 3. Manjishtadi kwatham tab-- 2 bd A/F 4. Haridrakhandam 1 TSP HS 5. Avipathy churnam---10 GM HS once a week 6. Panchavalkadi kera thaila for ext application
Dr, it a Sepia 30 Sulphur. 30 Graph its. 30 Petrolium. 30 make a mix tire & 5 droop 3 time. External :- Rhus tax. Q Echinatia. Q with coconut oil 10/ , apply 2/3time for 15 to 20 days it will b OK . Dr Parwatikar
Amritdhara+ olive oil+ nimba taila+ karpur (10 drops + 150 ml+ 100ml+ 1 piece) For massage Kayakalpa Vati 2 tabs. Od empty stomach Amrita Dhara 2 drops in 1 bowl lukewarm water to drink. Vamana can be beneficial
homeopathy a sepia/berb aquifolium/natrum mur will work. ...alopathy-melalite15 30g on affected part apply overnight only
If during sun exposure itch then contact allergic dermatitis.
Give Nat.Mur. 200 HS-2 doses followed by Echinacea Q
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