73 yrs male hemophilia hb-2.9, came with breathlessness ; interpret and how to manage?

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Pulmonary congestion Requires steroids and blood transfusions
Pulmonary haemorrhage is a rare complication of haemophilia. This seems to be pulmonary haemorrhage. Pt. Needs methylprednisolone pulse followed by oral steroids. Packed cell transfusions are required alongwith replacement of ffp. He needs intubation because I think he is haemodynamically unstable alongwith inotropes. CT chest can further clinch the diagnosis Pti, pttk needs to be monitored.
Pulmonary haemorrhage....needs bronchoscopy and bronchial wash... serosengiouns will be diagnostic... Mechanical ventilation and inotrope in haemo dynamic unstable condition...and prbc transfusion + pulse therapy of methyl predinisolone then oral steroids...
1st investigate for pulmonary kochs nd CHF nd treat accordingly,giv factor 8 nd 5-6 unit PRBC ND iron folic nd methylcobal (After knowing type of anemia)
pulmonary congestion; kept on cpap and blood transfusions given; already on prednisolone 80 mg od
RT Haemothorax ICD Freshbloodtranfusion@
Pulmonary hemorrhage on right side
Pulmonary hemarrhage
Pulmonary hemorrhage
Haemorage on rt lung
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