13 yrs /M this type of lesion since 2 days Pls Dx & Rx



Pityriasis rosea
Treatment plz
If its with pain and is unilateral it may be a case of Herpes zoster. If so please treat with acyclovir.
Pityriasis Rosea Prednisone 10mg twice for 7 days Levocetirizine 5mg twice for 7 days
ITP. But the skin lesions are not typical of ITP. Any h/o itching? History please...
Sorry sir by mistake wrong report uploaded Consider only images

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Pityriasis rosea Give antihistamines and local antifungal with steroids
1st DD pityriasis Rosea and 2nd dd is Tinea incognito over groin.
Allergic condition... Give anti allergic medicine, and ointment
1st DD p.rosea & 2nd tinea corporis Itraconazole 100 od
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