26 years female complaining of burning sensation and redness on both cheeks. 1) diagnosis? 2) treatment?

Good answers Doctors Here visual shows Pigmentation, dryness and scaly lesions on both cheeks indicates cosmetic allergic DERMATITIS. This patient given history of application of PONDS BEAUTY CREAM . TREATMENT: 1) stop the contact allergen. 2) morning SUNSCREEN lotion. 3) night momentasome cream apply both cheeks, after 1 hr wash the face again. 4 ) Apply Aloevera , vit E and white paraffin cream night time before bed. 5) Tab fexofenadine 180 mg daily night. 6) Cap L glutathione and lipoic acid daily morning.
Hydroquinone. .tretinoin &momenta sone furoate combination cream induced Allergy Because it causes photosensitivity and allergy on face look like redness over cheeks with burning sensation If as such application so stop the cream application Apply Megaheal gel Calamine lotion Tb.deflacort 6mg 1bd Cap.Rablet-Dsr 1bd Tb Montair-fx 1bd Tb.Greosovin-OD 250 mg 1bd Avoid general soap Use only Aloevera soap each time for face
Contact dermatitis to ? A triple combo cream that pt might have used for underlying Melasma ( some underlying pig seen on R malar area)
Steroid induced dermatitis.
Photodermatitis Sunscreen lotion 50+morning Desowen/mom ate cream at night Tab HCQS 100mg bd 7 days Review.
Steroids induce dermatitis
Atopic dermatitis
Steroid induced
I think history is bit incomplete But skin atrophy hypopigmentation and slightly excess facial hair point towards longterm topical steroid application
PMLE....COSMETICS INDUCED DERMATITIS.. .Ican also see HIRSUTISM.- Ideed tip of an iceberg Please do cbc esr stool urine HbA1c Thyro& Hormone profile USG-Abd-Pelv. to rule out PCOD...
Allergen Contact Dermatitis. Find out causative allergen use Calamine solution on rash
Any hx of cream or lotion application? Allergic dermititis? Photosensitivity?
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