Darkening of tongue

32/y/o with C/O- darkening of his tongue. No h/o pain There is disturbance in sense of taste. The patient was on medication for hypertension- since 2 years. Examination Blackish, velvety coating on his tongue’s dorsal surface. His lips and buccal mucosa were unaffected. Prakriti- kapha vata Agni- samanya Mala- sama



Black hairy tongue Black hairy tongue is caused by an overgrowth of dead skin cells, causing lengthening of the papillae, and staining from bacteria, yeast, food, tobacco or other substances in the mouth. Black hairy tongue is a temporary, harmless oral condition that gives the tongue a dark, furry appearance

Dr Ranjit Kumar Poriya Homeopathy Spot Picture Since Cracked & Blackish Colour Coating Tongue. Diagnosis Chronic Abdomen Problem. After Spread problem. Rx AntimCroud 200, Arsenic album 30, is Best.

Patient have Vit B12 Deficiency Start with Santarpana Chikitsa Brahm Rasayan 1 tsf BD Khadiradi Vati Saptamrita Loha Gandoosh and Kavala using Sukoshna Triphala Kashaya (Freshly Prepared)

Arogyavardhini Vati Luv 52 DS Tab. Drakshavaleha Zandu Pancharishta Gargaling with Haridra Namak Mixed Luke warm water Irimedadi Oil Gandoosh Dharan.

What about Hb level???? We can start with China Q therapeutically in beginning but the cause should be analysed.

Dx patients with hepatic conditions and psoriasis are like this Rx treat underlying cause.

Khadiradi vati Valiya Arimedadi tailam gandush Avipattikar churan

Arsenic may be helpful, advise for maintain oral hygiene

Ars ,nm lach like medicine can work

रोगी को संतर्पण कराएं,

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