neonatal seizure

Day 13 baby having these activities as shown. Is it abnormal/seizure activity?? Baby is doing well.


do appears to b normal . though subtle seizure can have varied presentation . take detailed birth history . random blood sugar n serum calcium can b checked . if parents still worried go for usg cranium .

I agree

This doesnt appear to be seizure. On examination, is there any change in sats, HR during these episodes, is the baby drowsy, lethargic lately? Is there any change in tone? Is it noticed around feeding? My guess would be seizure mimics, possibly feeding cues. In any case.... please do not start Antiepileptics. Counsel parents of normal movements and babies grow out of it.

I agree

It is not seizure activity

Thank you

Not typical of seizure

It is abnormal but no seizure activity

Normal activity