Left sided painful eye swelling.

A 1-year-old male child presented with left sided painful eye swelling associated with mild itching. Parents give history of an insect bite. How should we treat this?

This is ophthalmo dermatozoosis caused by paederus ( about 23 types) fuscipes Treatment consists of steroid-antibiotic ointment Sequence of events Erythema-vesicles-pustules- rupture- scar,often pigmented.
Sting bite Periorbital induration and swelling Local inj of xylocaine Antiallergics and steroids orally Local icepacks Analgesics Sos oral antibiotics
Preseptal cellulitis Start oral augmentin syrup TID SYRUP PARACETAMOL CIPLOX eye drops 5 times day REVIEW AFTER 5 DAYS
Insect bite toxic dermatitis cetrizine surup 1tsf bd I mix -D ointment
Cold compresses, anti histamiñes