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Traumatic Right main bronchus transection

A 17 yrs old patient met with an accident. On SIMV ventilator supprt with 100% FIO2 his saturation was 86%. CXR and CECT Thorax report is attached. Find the diagosis.


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Right main bronchus complete transection. Did end to end anastomosis and saved his life.
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Rt clavicular fracture seen. ETT in situ. Rt sided Hydropneumothorax with mediastinal shift towards contralateral side. Left sided lung contusion seen. Thin rim of pneumothorax seen on left side. ?left diaphragm rupture.
Rt sided hydropneumothorax with Rt Clavicle fracture.
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Right hydropneumothorax with shift of mediastinum to left 100% FiO2 and saturation of 86% is extremely serious problem Inability to maintain saturation in spite of 100% FiO2 indicate poor ventilation of lungs This patient actually has tension pneumothorax with inability to ventilate opposite lung Here needs urgent intercostal drainage tube insertion, in order to save life
Xray shows rt sided fracture clavicle with Hydro pneumothorax with contralateral shifting of mediastinum. Boy is in critical stage as his lungs are not in a position proper oxygen saturation eve after putting on 100%oxygen support. There is sign of rupture of lt diaphragm Pt should be put urgent inter costal drainage.
Hydropneumothorax rt side pushing mediastinum to lt Rt clavicle is # Multiple rib #s on lt side Hrct shows collection lt lower zone retrocardiac Strip of pneumothorax on lt side along lt paracardiac from lt clavicle to lt dome of diaphragm
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Fracture right vehicle Right sided hemopnumothirax ,with mediastinal shift to left Left sided loculated pneumothorax ETT in situ Tension pneumothorax Needs urgent ICD and drainage of hemothorax
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A right sided hemopneumothorax with significant mediastinal shift to opposite side. May be injury to left diaphragmatic injury A displaced right clavicle fracture
Hydro pneumothorax right Mediastinum shift Lt side # right clavicle Multiple # ribs left side Advised HRCT thorax Ref to C T Surgery/ orthopaedic department
Right main bronchus complete transection. Did end to end anastomosis and saved his life.
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