Age- 35, male Eruption on forehead since 3 months itching present burning absent aggravation, amelioration not specific itching causes more itching Associated- Pain in both knee joints since 6 months more on rising and bending, better by rest Generals are normal desire for sour things, milk items aversion- sweet mentally patient is very polite, generous, religious, anger rarely, no fear, satisfied from life Dx and Rx



Atopic Dermatitis Moisturizers or Emollients
For Dermatitis -Pancha Tikta ghrita guggulu Gandhak Rasayan Avippatikar Churna These medicines are helpful For Local Application Cutis cream. For knee pain - Rumalaya forte Tab. Rasna Saptak Kashaya Mahanarayan tail. These medicines are helpful.
dermatitis and joint pain needs investigation But according to homoeopathic rx Sulphur given first and then wait as sulphur match much more than other medicine and watch for repetation and to change medicine
Dear Dr. Shriram Attri Sir, Tab. Alleczhi 2 BD Tab. Laxmi vilas ras 1 tds. Haridra khand 1/2 tsp BD with milk.
Adv. Needful investigation....CBC .K.F.T and Xray..
Needs pathological and radiological investigation.
for joint pain X-ray is needed. Contact dermatitis? Cutis cream for local application. Tab Talekta 2-2-2 Haridrakhand 10 gms twice with lukeworm water.
Tab Cetomol_ L1 BD X 5 days Tab AMINOCAL 1 OD X 15 days Cream Neosporin_H, locally Savlon soap
May be this s SLE ,VATARAKTHA lakshanas r there go for ANA test
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