pt is a boy aged 10 yrs fell from a moving vehicle interpret CT finding and management

It's mandibular parasymphysis per patients age splint with circumandibular wiring for 3 to 4 weeks should do. Maxilla looks quite ok. Pls rule out evidence of cervical or head injury before maxillofacial treatment
Look like fracture mandible Cervical spine go by radiologist report If clinically injury is suspected, give Philadelphia collar Get a maxillofacial surgeon see the case
Thank you doctor
Multiple# mandible. Advised Surgeon opinion. Keep watch for 24 hours for any sign of head injury and manage accordingly.
fracture mandible. treatment will be cap splint with circumferencial wiring. refer to maxillofacial surgeon.
Yes it is a c /o #mandible and needs fixation of jaw and wiring oral surgeon should be brought in picture
Thanx dr Sanjoy Sarkar
Fracture mandible maintain airway general management consult maxilofacial surgeon
Multiple #mandible Refer to maxillofacial surgeon for fixation of jaw
Multiple fractures in mandible bone.
Fracture mandible
Fracture mandible
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