desire for spicy food not burning pain on stomach releived by spicy food > means desire



Singal dose Psorinam 1m And wait few days Than collect the patient symptoms Than treated other medicine
Tinea versicolor. Sepia 1m single dose. Followed by suitable complementary.
Not respond after sepia 1m

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@Dr.A.K.Srivastava. Tinea versicolor. Apis Mel may be helpful.
Aurum Met, Sepia , Ignatia , Natrum Mur may be helpfull .
tinea versicolor antifungal treatment and antacid
Sir plz send mentals n modalities
Nat carb 1m
Tinea versicolor/Pityriasis versicolor is caused by yeast called Malassezia furfur that normally live on the skin of most adults without causing problems. It exists in two forms, one of which can cause patches of discolored slightly scaly skin. Sepia & Phosphorus which will be applicable.
Please take one dose of Thuja 30 . Wait for 15 days. please check after that
It's psychological, habitual, go for liverprepration, and madhya syrups..
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