Dear all, went through this interesting topic SUGAR RATHER THAN SALT AS THE ETIOLOGY OF HYPERTENSION : change of concept We all know that traditional salt intake has been implicated as a major etiologic agent in the genesis and progression of HIGH BP. Salt induced hypertension is mediated through a) volume expansion b) increase in stiffness of vascular system restriction of dietary salt has been considered as a major nonpharmacological method of controlling hypertension. But it is being observed that despite being restricting dietary intake of salt, the incidence of hypertension is increasing. so new concept of Sugar (fructose) as another etiology of hypertension has emerged. Fructose in a diet causes hypertension by multiple methods, either by direct effect, by creating more Metabolic syndrome or by increasing Uric acid. End product of Fructose metabolism are a) triglycerides b) uric acid. Both of these end products are associated with higher cardiovascular disease morbidity. Increased consumption of processed food means increased fructose intake , which leads to hypertriglyceridemia and hyperuricemia, leading to increased incidence of Cardiometabolic syndrome and hypertension. So , Salt is important in genesis and propagation of hypertension, but there may be other metabolic factors like dietary fructose, which result in direct and indirect increase in BP Reduction of Fructose intake in food as a policy in the population might go in a long way in reducing the incidence and complications of HIGH blood pressure.



very nice information sir. actually we dr's need health tip too. Most of the sugar you eat is hidden, usually under the guise of high fructose corn syrup in processed foods. This corn-based sweetener is used in thousands of foods, from ketchup and tomato sauces to soft drinks and is a cause for high blood pressur If you need to sweeten foods, add a little juice from oranges, grapes, pears, peaches, or other fruits. You can also use some shredded raw or dried apples, coconuts, raisins, or dates. Try sprinkling on cinnamon, cloves, or nutmeg. You also may want to experiment with stevia, an herbal supplement that is now available as a sweetener. Eat Several Small Meals and Avoid Snacking Start with breakfast, and include some protein at each sitting to keep yourself feeling satisfied. By eating little portions throughout the day, you will be less inclined to overload on sweets that cause high blood pressur

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One of the most important information on curofy. com sharing with us .Very marvelous & easy we of presentations. thanks Dr Zuber Ahmed Khan Sir. Regards Dr Ved Prakash Singh

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Eyeopener topic as people are more found of cold drinks which is fructose loaded... Thankyou Sir ..

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This is the new concept emerged. thanks for sharing Sir

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Thanks sir, it's very helpful 4 our practice

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This is the concept for Weight loss regimes too.Not only fructose but the whole class of carbohydrates wreak havoc n carb intolerance at some point giving rise to lifestyle disorders.Its called art and science of low carbohydrate living.It has revolutionised treatment for diabetes hypertension PCOS n hyperlipidemics.Fantastic results difficult to follow esp for veggies.Thanx for sharing Dr Zuber as I'm following this concept n getting amazing results in patients.

thank you Dr Sarita. I think you are talking about very low calorie diet.

A very new concept and an eye opener for all. May I know the reference sir.

Manual of hypertension Hypertension society of India

Very nice alarming topic sir..Thank you so much

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