Dear doctors... Pls follow this case, and give your valuable guide lines... How to treat this case... Its recurring every year in summer... Till now took allopathy treatment and got improvement occationally .. cannot able to walk freely due to pains ...



Age of the patient? Occupation? If any test and investigation? Habits and passion? Sever fungal infection and also chronic disease. Sy. LIV52 10ml BDAC x month Cap. Itraconazole 200mg 1 cap. BDPC X 1 MONTH. Tab. Doxt SL 1tab.BDPC X 10days. Tab. Levoctrizine 10mg 1tab. OD at bed time x 1 month . Tab. Bendy plus one tab at bed time. Multivitamin minerals and antioxidant regular. CBC LFT AMYLASE LIPASE AND BS(F) PP, UREA CREATININE, VIT. D , VIT. B, SODIUM, POTASSIUM, CALSIUM.ALLERGIE TEST. URINE RE, ME, C/S. USG OF WHOLE ABDOMEN.

Dear Doctor this patient can be treated completely by ayurveda Shodhan and shaman chikitsa Otherwise it will be as it is in next year after releving from symptoms Plan for Vamana after snehan and swedana Ghandhak rasayana Treatment will take time but it can be complete

Dr Ranjit Kumar Poriya Homeopathy Spot Picture Since Diagnosis For Patient Diabetes Foot Ulcer. Again Require Investigation *Blood Sugar F& PP. Result Basis Treatment Best Management Doctor. Control's of diabetes.

Dear Dr. Alapati Vijay Kumar Sir, Advice for the case. Tab. Gandhak Rasayan 1 tds with Maha Manjisthadi quatha 30 ml. Wash wound with Panch Valkal quatha. Apply Shat Dhaut Ghruta.

Dx Eczema -Peeling skin syndrome Rx Graphitis 1m/3dose once in week Natrum mure 30 tds for 15 days

Constitutional remedy will work Otherwise petroleum 1M will give relief

Diabetic foot// graphites 30 //sulphur//think as per constitution

Food restrictions with controls of.diabetes.

Staphysagria to avoid recurrence.

Ant crud , Rananculus,

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