Dear doctors .. The patient is suffering from mass growth on lower eye lid repeatedly... She is interested in spicy foods and sweets .... Her menstrual history is having no problems... Its hot to touch and painful in nature... On early morning her eye lids are sticky in nature... No constipation... Good sleep... Appitite low for craving food...



Staphysagria//plsatilla which suits her constitution

Dr Ranjit Kumar Poriya Homeopathy Diagnosis Lt Side Eye Lower Eye Lid Spot Picture Since Eye Stye Lid Abscess. Rx Heper Sulphur 200X bd only 2day. 3day after * Silicia 30 Xbd only X7day.

Dx Chalazion Rx Arnica Mont 1m/3dose weekly Merc.sol30/tds for 15 days

Belladonna,Hear.Sulphur.&.Silica (.any.one) as per symptoms.

Calc carb 6c or Silicea 6x will work

Chalezion.cal flour 6x.thuja

Staphysagria , Pulsatilla

Lachesis 200 single dose.

Heper sulp Silica 30


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