dear doctors, this female pt aged 31 yr is C/o pv bleeding since 3 months. mild flow(1 pad/day) she's k/C of hyperthyroidism. had taken ayurvedic treatment for PCOD , multiple cysts on both ovaries from me last year. that time only she was diagnosed with thyroid problem.( in 3 months she recovered ....USG shows no cysts now.) she was on regular rx of tab. thyronorm 50mcg since then. every 3 months reports were done and were normal. she skipped tablets for last 15 days due to some emergency at home. stress level is also high. got her USG /thyroid profile / cbc done. reports r attached. had given raktastambhak vati last wk. flow reduced but not stopped. kindly give ur opinion.



Pradarantak Rasa 1 tab BD Bolbhadra Rasa 1 tab BD Ashokarishta 20ml + Saraswatarishta 20ml BD with equal quantity of water Advice for Pranayam and yoga Educate about Pathya-Apathya and Nidana Parivarjana

Thank you dr

Start her with Pradarantak loha 2 bd Pantrangasava 20 ml tid Till the bleeding stops. Later Nityanand ras 1 bd Kanchanar guggulu 2 bd Brahmi vati 1 bd Varunadi kasahya 20ml bd. Uniformity in daily routine should be maintained Exercise, yoga and pranayam should be a part of her daily regime.

Thank you mam

First of all let me thank you for a decent case presentation.....We as CLASSICAL HOMOEOPATHS Go much more deeper taking into consideration each and every striking point right from IUGS/PTSD of the pts mother to pts.present state...This includes Life situation Parental Upbringing...Mental Temperament-Emotion Will Conscience Ailments before/after dreams appearance build body language Style of talking...what words are spoken how what is stressed upon/ best avouded expressions..of the eyes body gestures....gimmicks...The IDIOSYNCRASIES Physical symptoms,Ob/ Gyn how when why where what ameliorated/aggravated mental state,The family tree thermals likes dislikes towards life/ diet...give us the genetics....Miasmatics. .+ Clinical PATHO,PARAMETERS.I add HOROSCOPY and GRAPHOTHERAPY.Taking all this into consideration we prepare a remedy could be any kingdom taxtonomy it should be a perfect like a statue at Madam Tussaud's Wax images....then whether it is common cold or a Malignant Lesion...We have something to offer for every soul...The job is tough but worth a gamble...I'm practising this way for the past 33 yrs. Now....I have briefly mentioned what we need so please furnish complete details if you want us to prescribe a remedy for your patient

Madam a case if Hypothyroidism , Spotting smel is offensive ?? Reports of biopsy ?? P/ v done properly Homoeopathic treatments , Ficus reliogesa Q 20 drops tids Millifolium Q 20 drops tids Kreosotom 200 bid Thyrodinum 200 daily I think better results

Pt has come to me after 6 months of pcod treatment. She already had bleeding since 3 months. She felt it will reduce on it's own. As of now I hv just got basic investigations done. Given raktvardhak chikitsa. She'll come to me again in couple of days as there is some problem on family front. That time I'll advice detailed treatment.

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@Dr.A.K.Srivastava. TSH Level High. It's a case of mild Hypothyroidism.

T3 Level - Normal T4 Level - Normal TSH Level - High So, now a case of SUBCLINICAL (MILD) HYPOTHYROIDISM


Nat mur 200one Dose dry on tongue. Then stop.

Thank you sir

Sharbat Anjabar (Syp) 15ml tid with a Glass water Tid... Will helpful in Internal & Visceral bleedings... (Unani Medicine)


It's case of DUB hormonal treatment should be started tab. Norethysterone 5 mg tab bd for 1 week than1 tab. Od2 week means 21 days should be advised after stopping of tab.withdrawal bleeding May starts.than u 5

Tab. Ovral. L starts from 5 day of menstruation daily 1 tab. For 21 days. Duration of this treatment is 3 months.

Madam please prescribe her tab oral l pills 21 daily od dose syp orofer xt bd dose than ashoka tincture bd also Should be given for 3month

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