DrVijay Chirala

Dear Doctors... This is a female case, 7years aged, came with this complaint around nostril.... No other specific symtoms observed... appitite is good. Sound Sleep . Stool normal . These type of symptoms around nostrils are reccurent type.... took allopathy treatment... Disapeared, But repeated with in 2 months for 2times. Pls suggest your valuable guidelines.




HPV Infestation

Sycotic miasm is predominant, medicine like Thuja ,Causticum, Antim crud etc. are helpful. Selection should be on constitution

May be Wart????

Apply kashar tail

Face; warts; nose: alco CAUST(4) kali-ma laur NIT-AC(3) THUJ(4) Face; warts; nose; tip: caust kali-ma

Antim curud 200

If indicate think about Acid Nitric & Kali Bichrom

Acid nit anti crud

Is there any genetic predisposition of sane disease...pls rule out that doc

Seems like wart excrescence

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