Dear Dr. The patient is suffering with dry cough since 2 and half years ago. first the patient suffered from fever and cough with sputum for about 1 month and not taken treatment. after one month the cough became dry cough. -No history of allergies -No history of smoking and drinking =the cough is characterised by: -throat irritation -reddening of face while cough -No sputum -increases in night time, and after food and drinking water too. #consulted 3 doctors and done cxr. doctor told it's due to some allergies and given cough syrups and tablets. # patient is not relieved of dry since then. please kindly do dx And recommend rx.



Get a x-ray chest done to exclude any lesion as a cause of cough.. Once normal perform a pre and post bronchodialator spirometry to confirm or exclude obstructive airway disease.. Examination of nose and throat to find any post nasal drip associated...GERD may also be associated.. Always try to find out the probable cause of the cough before starting the treatment

Causes of chronic cough are post nasal drip , cough variant asthma , GERD, LPRD, respiratory tract infection, post infectious cough , medications like ACE inhibitors , initial phases of pulmonary tuberculosis , chemical irritants , smoker cough , neoplasm ( bronchogenic carcinoma ) , and functional ( psychogenic ) Clinically, a period of 3 weeks has been taken as a cut-off point for an acute cough usually caused due to a viral or bacterial upper respiratory tract infection. It usually resolves within 3 weeks.6 Treatment of dry cough remains a challenge

Dr. Ajay... Good morning... In homeopathic Alfa cc tablets schwabee india company daily 1+1+1 after food and bakshi cough drops 10+10+10 with half cup water before food gives good result. Drosera 1m 1dose is advisable. pls try this combination for your patients you may get good relife in practise. i suceeded most of the chronic cough cases in my practise. Thank you.

You can advice for Talisadi Churna + Godhanti Bhasma with Madhu Syp Jufex 10ml BD with anupan of ushna jala.... Amritarishta 10ml BD Find out the Nidana and Do Nidana Parivarjana..... Patient have long history correlate clinically if required then advice for further Investigations.....

Thank you Dr.Adhikari above mentioned t.t is supported but its chronic condition you can add suvarn kalp Swaskaschintamani ras and chayawanprash followed by warm water/warm milk.

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excentric allergy is a big cause of dry cough , throat irrigation, laryngitis and others associated diseases, first ruleout the causes, boost immunity tulsi , garlic, ginger, honey , very useful curofy-er. montelucast levocerazine bd for several months, avoid cold water, cold drinks, jank foods, clean eardrums.

The major aim of management of a patient presenting with cough is to identify the cause of cough and then to treat its cause by anti-inflammatory approaches. Chest radiograph is the initial investigation for diagnosis of chronic cough. When there is no apparent causes associated with persistent cough, antitussives are recommended.

, it has been found that a heightened cough reflex is the key feature in a majority of the patients with chronic cough, and hence, chronic cough is recognized as a unique entity - 'cough hypersensitivity'. Development of objective ambulatory cough monitoring systems and subjective quality-of-life questionnaires, along with well-established tools, such as, cough diary scores and visual analog scales have improved the assessment of chronic cough.

Dry cough, more during after food and water intake - little bit of aspiration or laryngeal irritation possible. can be due to laryngopharyngeal reflux or glottic gap or laryngeal pathology. ent examination is surely mandatory.

The management of GERD associated chronic cough includes anti-reflux diet, lifestyle changes, prokinetic agents and antacids; amongst which proton pump inhibitors are the preferred choice

patients are generally treated with antiasthmatic medications including bronchodilators and corticosteroid therapy.

in homeopathic justicea Q byco no 6x aconite200 drosera 1m 1dose gives good result in chronic coughs. alphacc schwabee india tablets regularly 3times 1+1+1 chewable also gives good result. along with this medication tell not to take oil food icecreams sweets etc which irritates the throat .

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