Dear Friends, On May 13, I had put a query on Throat ulcers asking for urgent management. Thanks for so many replies. Well, I'm happy to share my experience on the same case. Making it simpler so that all types of doctors understand. I gave an Ayurvedic speciality treatment called Saddhyo-Virechan which is an Instant Panchakarma therapy and to my surprise just within 5 days the patient is absolutely normal & recovering fast. Gave Snehapaan i.e. cow ghee based diet for 1 day, and gave a strong purgative on next day. Aggravated Pitta went out and patient got relief. Only one combination of Sphatik bhasma(Alum calx)+ SwarnaMakshik + Mukta bhasma (Pearl calx) + Yashti churna (Glycerriza glabra) is given 4 times a day with Honey. No other medicine, Guti-Vati ls given. Photos are posted as above. Thanks.



Congratulations and keep it up , all the best

Nice job sir thanku for sharing

Congrats sir

Congratulations,Dr.Parab sir, I think if you start gara with warm water N Asfatic powder BD is helpful.

Thank you for your suggestion. Will keep in mind next time.

Gud results

Thanks a lot sir for sharing


May be given1-2 eladivati 4-5 times for chewing septillin tab 1-1 alsarex tab1-1 bd

Thanks, But Eladi Vati isn't available here

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Congratulation sir.

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